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Intriguing collection of outdated “friends” here. BTW, Muse Air’s demise was NOT bankruptcy. We had been liquidated by Southwest Airways. And Indeed, they did give us pink slips and explained to all of us to “strike the street”. (Opposite for their denials of ever ‘shedding’ any one….

The final time we frequented Stockton, California, the town residents had been voting on a gross sales tax to help town finances just after it submitted for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

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I fell in appreciate with the Connie and also have remained in love together with her smooth strains at any time since. The date was the summer time of 1964.

Flew for them for two many years, had enjoyment, and have no additional information after they lastly little bit the dust. It was had been strictly charterflights. Flew all over the globe.

Afterwards we switched to two DC-10-10s. The airline became the concentrate on of the hostile acquire above by several lawyers from Beverly Hills and Soon after was placed into bankruptcy in Dec. of 1983.

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What about Air Atlanta? Excellent airline, with serious china, your own crystal salt/pepper shakers, competitive pricing, in addition to a free RT ticket For each 5 you obtain…almost certainly why they went underneath!

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and at the tip we endure. We've been like a relatives and our ID is recognized all around the earth. – Pay a visit to simply click Mario Mayorga on the mission.

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